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Welding Reels

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Item Image - Most Compact TW5425 OLP

Gas Welding Hose Reels (Series TW & BA)

Series TW and BA have an independent dual swivel body manufactured from aluminum and hard coated for wear resistance. This unique design assures positive separation of gases. Double-sealed, special molded O-rings prevent leakage. Swivel body and inlet are both permanently indentified with machined grooves on the acetylene side to assure proper installation.

Product Image - Welding Cable Reels (Series CEA & WC)

Welding Cable Reels (Series CEA & WC)

Series CEA and WC are designed to increase the safety in the work area with a resulting increase in efficiency and productivity. Welding cable reels store work lead or electrode lead, up to #2/0, safely and effectively when not in use. They have a continuous current path through a live 400 AMP, 90 V DC (maximum) rated enclosed slip ring. Welding cable not included on all Series CEA and WC models.